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          Quality starts at the top. The committed and experienced leadership team at Community Health Systems sets the standard for company excellence and strives to inspire success at every level. With a track record of operational excellence, financial performance and the proven ability to apply astute business strategies across the organization, our management team shares a vision for how community hospitals can thrive when they are supported by the resources of a larger organization.

          Executive Leadership


          Wayne T. Smith
          Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
          Wayne Smith serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Community Health Systems, Inc. He is one of the most tenured executives in the hospital industry and has led the Company’s growth from a small rural hospital organization to become one of the largest publicly traded hospital companies in the nation. Smith has been named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare magazine for the past 17 years and a Top CEO for the healthcare facilities sector by Institutional Investor several times in the past decade.
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          Tim Hingtgen
          President and Chief Operating Officer

          Lynn T. Simon, M.D.
          President of Clinical Operations and Chief Medical Officer

          Thomas J. Aaron
          Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

          Ben Fordham
          Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Assistant Secretary

          Corporate Officers

          Andrea E. (Andi) Bosshart
          Senior Vice President, Corporate Compliance and Privacy Officer

          Tomi Galin
          Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs

          Kevin Hammons
          Senior Vice President, Assistant Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, and Treasurer

          James M. (Matt) Hayes
          Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

          Michael M. Lynd
          Senior Vice President, Financial Services

          Justin D. Pitt
          Senior Vice President and Chief Litigation Counsel

          Pamela T. Rudisill
          Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer

          Manish Shah
          Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

          Richard T. Willis
          Senior Vice President of Managed Care